DIDs for Mexican Students

IOP and UAN Collaboration to Provide Secure Digital Identities to Students in Mexico.

DIDs for Mexican Students

In brief:
  • Partnership with Autonomous University of Nayarit (UAN) in Mexico
  • Secure university ID on blockchain using Morpheus platform
  • Building together UAN's ecosystem for example course registration and reputation system

The last three years have seen the development of more and more use cases for blockchain around the world. Within the education sector, several have emerged associated with verifiable claims, particularly the issuance of digital credentials backed by blockchain.

Since its foundation, Internet of People (IOP) has worked to develop a decentralized, censorship-resistant Internet, one where personal data is protected and under full user control. We recently released our new whitepaper presenting our IOP Stack, a complete ecosystem to manage every aspect of life in a digital world. This is a multi-stage, multi-year project, but it starts with the creation of self-sovereign digital identities via our Morpheus platform.

Over the past three decades, universities have played an extremely active role in the development and adoption of the Internet. So it is only natural to expect them to do the same for blockchain, which we expect to have an even greater technological and social impact.

Therefore, for the past eighteen months, IOP has been working hard forging partnerships with universities from different parts of the world. One such partnership is with the Autonomous University of Nayarit (UAN) in Mexico.

For over a year, IOP and UAN have been working together to create an Educational Community whose organization and economy is supported by blockchain. After meetings in Budapest and Mexico to develop this strategy, UAN created its Center for Blockchain Development and has held several events to foster awareness of this powerful technology.

The next stage in our collaboration is the joint development of self-sovereign decentralized IDs for UAN students using IOP’s Morpheus platform. The goal is for students joining in August 2019 for the next academic year will each have access to a university ID which is secured on the IOP blockchain and where students retain full control of the personal data used to create it.

The creation of these digital student IDs is just the beginning of a more ambitious project within UAN (30000 students in total and 8500 students will join every new semester) which includes course registration, access to services inside and outside the university, social networking, and the creation of reputation services which will give students stronger opportunities in the labor market. These projects will involve many different components of the IOP stack, subsumed under IOP’s Athena project, and the goal is for students at UAN to participate in designing and creating these services for themselves.

We are currently in the process of signing agreements to define the responsibilities and resources that will be contributed by each of the parties involved to make this project a success, as well as establishing a work plan with precise goals and timeframes.

This project was presented during the largest technology event in Mexico, Talent Land, on April 22nd in the city of Guadalajara. This presentation sparked interest among other public and private universities to participate in similar projects, which will be addressed in the near future.

At Internet of People we continue working to create a freer world, and universities are a key part of this vision.

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