Marketing Meetup

The communication team at Internet of People (IOP) got together in the German office.
In brief:
  • Communication team got together to define IOP marketing strategy
  • Precisely defined target groups and comparative advantages
  • New formats: Developer Reports and IOP News Reports
  • Extend global ambassadors 2019


May 2019: The communication team at Internet of People (IOP) got together in the German office to define the marketing strategy for the upcoming months.

Among fully understanding who the target user currently is, one of the main topics was to define what sets IOP apart from other digital identity projects (USPs) in the blockchain industry.

With a clear vision ahead, IOP will be more active in sharing progress through two new formats:

  1. Tech-oriented “Developer Reports” on the current development status aimed for developers.
  2. Furthermore, we will introduce a new “IOP News Report” including project news such as technical enhancements explained in layman terms, new partners etc.

To spread the word in other parts of the world, additional global ambassadors will be joining the communication team to represent IOP in their home country and be available in their native language in order to connect with more people in strategically important regions.

Another point of the agenda was the distribution of roles in relation to primary social platforms being used so far. In addition, a secondary approach through news portals and YouTubers will be added to the marketing plan for 2019.

The first result of the marketing meetup is the launch of the brand new website, which reflects the clear and focused path of the IOP project.

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Hiii, this is Vijay from India, I love iop coin, now 7days 1day support level is good, when this market bull run? Pls give me information

you should change pow to pos or dpos or both.

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