During the second half of 2019, there were several development goals that we wanted to reach.

One of the most important goals was to have a stable running blockchain available to the public after switching to a new blockchain. The delegate and staking system of the new blockchain finally gives our community the opportunity to participate in the network by set up a own delegate or vote for other delegates. On top, it makes our project now fully decentral, gives the power away from a company into the hands of the community.

The next big achievement was developing and deploying a user-friendly and functionality-rich version of our Prometheus App. This App basically is the point of entry to the IOP Tech-Stack for end users. Based on the technology of Morpheus and Mercury it enables users to create different independent social profiles, create, send and verify claims, message each other and many more features to be added in the future.

Lastly, we created a proof of concept that we call “DID on Chain”, basically a decentralized Identity. Essentially it is a real-world use-case based on our DID technology that will serve as a demo for possible partners and investors. For our test we used a KYC (Know your Customer) use case and demonstrated that our technology for digital identity can be used in such a case.

Overall we are very happy with the progress we have made and are confident that we will make further considerable progress over the next six months. In the following, we will explain the progress of the three main projects in more detail.

PROJECT 1: Mainnet / New Blockchain

We started by implementing on the blockchain-level a devnet (for testing new features before they reach the stable public mainnet) as well as a 21-server pretest-mainnet to make sure everything is running smoothly before opening it to the public.

To bootstrap and move faster in our development of the different IOP Stack protocols, we decided to start with feature-complete blockchain and our decision was to fork Ark.

One of the main issues of switching to the new blockchain is to make sure that previous holders (IOP Coin and ERC20 Hydra) can swap their coins/tokens to the new final token. In order to do so we established a simple swapping website that together with a simple straightforward instruction enabled all users to switch to the new token.

After finishing all tests we have published the mainnet to the community. Since the new Blockchain is based on delegated proof of stake (DPoS) it was important for us to find motivated, reliable Delegates ideally from within our community. That is why we have set up a section on our website that explains the benefits of being a delegate and the process of becoming one. The new blockchain does not only offer advantages to Delegates but also to people holding tokens as they can earn more tokens by cold staking.

Do you want to become a delegate? Then find out more here.


The end result for this project was:

  • Running mainnet available to the public
  • All delegate spots are filled
  • Community members can switch to the new Token
  • Holding tokens is more  attractive due to cold staking

PROJECT 2: Prometheus v0.2.0

Prometheus is the entrance point for end-users to the IOP Tech Stack. While Morpheus (DIDs) and Mercury (P2P communication) form the underlying technology Prometheus is where this technology comes into action.

Starting with a very simple App with limited functionality and UI we have continuously improved the app. First we combined the backend and the UI in one single downloadable app and added functionality to create and list claims.

The next update gave the app a completely new design and a new focus on active profiles. Users can now choose their active profile and combine it with certain claims. It is now also possible to verify a claim with a signature. We have also started to integrate Mercury technology in the app in the form of messaging.

In the next version (0.3.0) we will finish the integration of Mercury and add the wallet functionality.

Overall we are very happy with the progress we have made with Prometheus and are confident that our decision to integrate the other IOP technologies within one app is the best way to go.


PROJECT 3: “DID on the Blockchain” - A KYC Use Case as Proof of Concept

The first step was for us to create presentable documentation detailing how we would use our technology for the use case of a KYC process.

Then we started to set up our Tech Stack for the KYC use case. This means creating a blockchain plugin and integrating it with the key vault as well as the DID manager.

Next, we finish the implementation of DID operations (add/remove keys; add/remove services; add/remove rights; tombstoning DIDs; checking rights of key at given height) and created examples for demo. The final prototype for the KYC will be finished in Q1 of 2020.

In the meantime we have updated Hydra to the new ARK version 2.6.

We have also updated Morhpheus and set up a testnet that is successfully interacting with Morpheus which is a core requirement for any real-world use case. As all of the DID operations require signatures we have implemented Morpheus ed25519 signature handling to the testnet.

You can find the current version of Morpheus here: https://github.com/Internet-of-People/morpheus-ts

Overall we are very happy with the technical progress that we have made and are confident that we can present a working prototype for a KYC use case by Q1 2020.