This is the first quarterly status report in 2020.

Reminder: The goal for 2021 is making the IOP Stack the de-facto open-source standard for gatekeeper-free DIDs, SSIs, public and private Personas. We make you own your data again and put the power back into your hands and help you avoiding de-platforming.

It has been the most productive start in 2020 for the IOP project since the very first beginnings of its existence.

I’ll make it short:  All goals have been met so far. We are still slightly ahead of our schedule.

WE ARE ALMOST FINISHED WITH OUR PLATFORM and soon go in production mode!

IOP has finished a years-long development of an active directory system on blockchain including digital rights management, IDs, claims, verifications, etc

Achievements (The Big Picture)

As promised, we have

  • developed DIDs according to the international W3C standard
  • we have developed a layer-2 network on top of the blockchain
  • we implemented our DIDs on the blockchain
  • integrated this into a blockchain explorer to make them for everybody accessible
  • built a free SDK which helps other developers to start creating their own projects utilizing Hydra core blockchain
  • created a working demo app that comes bundled with the SDK
  • created complete KYC processes that integrate decentralized IDs from our blockchain
  • created our flagship app, project Morpheus, which will grow into a complete wallet plus customs rights management tool

But what stands out most is this:

  1. Now we have decentralized rights management on the blockchain. Think of Windows Active Directory on a public decentralized blockchain.
  2. We have signature validation considering timestamps proven on the blockchain, so we can safely prove statements like “Dean’s key signed this degree during this day”. Or “John was since this time in charge as CEO, so it is his responsibility”. Or even “John can now use this company's wallet keys to do X or get Y and even release Z, but only as long as the company's board keeps him in charge as CEO” and doesn’t revoke his rights.
  3. We also have implemented selective masking so you can share only relevant parts of your attested user data while hiding everything else, and signatures still can be validated the same way.

If you put all these features altogether, then you come to the conclusion they really kick-ass and no other project in the whole crypto space or somewhere else on this planet has them this way.

All these achievements are running for weeks in our testing and developer networks and proofed to be rock solid, we haven’t found any logical mistakes so far.
I want to remind the reader here at this point, that we are sailing in uncharted waters: nobody has implemented a full-blown digital rights management system on the blockchain in the way we are doing it. Despite the fact that there are not really solid gatekeeper-free DID implementations out there. Many projects have a good idea, start working on it, and then go out of business because of running into implementation problems, one-way roads of no return, have logical fallacies in the implementation, etc.

This is the reason why we have milestone-based ongoing crowdfunding (aka token auction) inside of the community running. By this method, we eliminate crazy speculation and have the development supported by our community and both run more in sync. I think this is a quite unique approach (like many other things in the IOP project). We still stick to our word: We deliver first and raise money after.

On top, we have 3 demo apps, that make use of this infrastructure and let every developer team diving into our ecosystem easily and fast:

  1. Project Morpheus releases iop.DAC (a decentralized access control system)
  2. Project Prometheus pushed iop.Fort (Claim Management and Data Masking)
  3. as a flagship product, we publish iop.Trinity (with a user, clerk, inspector) which is a complete app running on Android for a KYC use case

All is open-source and the code is published to the repositories.

So yes, we have the infrastructure ready, finally!

What comes next?

When Production Ready?


In roughly one week we celebrate the biggest day for us in the history of the IOP project:
All our achievements you’ve read above are going to go live into production mode!

Yes, we are releasing the infrastructure into the production network and become the first project in the world with a rock-solid digital and personal rights management, DID and SSI implementation that is gatekeeper free with no barriers of entry an that is implemented like an Active Directory on steroids - uhm - Blockchain!

Delegates already have knowledge about the upcoming upgrade and we are going to make a remote fork-upgrade party on Friday, the 10th April at 22:00 UTC.

What is missing now?
Ok, let’s party! But what comes after the joy and headache? What is now missing on your side?

Well, the only thing really missing will be dApps, programs, decentralized platforms on side-chains, businesses taking our infrastructure and building their services on top!

And to make this easier for them, we are going to release a developer portal as well!

Developer Portal

With the upgrade to mainnet we are publishing a developer portal.
Interested developers have a reliable source of our latest software and the IOP Stack. On top, we are planning to publish every development achievement onto the developer portal as a blog post, fresh release or a video guide.

This is a dev video the developers made for other developers to understand how the KYC process with a DID implementation with our Morpheus DAC apps would look like.

Developer Demo Part 2:

And here you can see some screenshots of our current state of the portal:

You will find in the developer portal complete KYC process diagrams and reference implementations alongside with demos.

The portal leads you to all needed resources like different blockchain explorers.

From here you can access every resource you need to write rock-solid software for the IOP Stack ecosystem.

Thanks to our Friends and Investors

After going through the crypto winter and in the preface of new developments in the world, I like to use this moment to thank our IOP Global Community. You have never failed us, you stick with us in the worst times and never lost faith in us.


Without you and this community, your outstanding support, we would never have come this far. You helped to build this project. You and your delegates can proudly say: We are IOP, we are the Internet of People.

We made this happen!

Another big thank you goes to the investors that supported us by taking part in crowdfunding. You were keen enough to invest in a pure vision of a diverse team, and soon you can reap the fruits 😉

Along the ride, we met many people and made some friends and got partners. Let me thank as well:


The great Ark project gave us a perfect platform that we are using now for our first DID and related implementations.


Coinomi is probably the best multi-wallet out there - got during the crypto winter into IOP and has a stake in the Hydra core blockchain. They simply see that DID and SSI are the future of blockchain and want to support an open and free project like ours. They are the first business realizing the potential of a pure Open Source project bringing DIDs and SSIs to the masses.


Our long term partner and coin swap exchange of preference helps the community to auction Hydra tokens in a trusted and anonymous way.


Bittrex was the first exchange (we know each other since 2016, which is a long time in crypto) listing IOPs tokens. We delisted ourselves due to a token-platform-switch from IOP to Hydra core, and they promised us to re-list us again once we are ready with a product. Loyalty is rare in today’s world.

Thank you all!

Create your own…
We do as we say,
IOP - identity implemented right.

Until next time,
Markus Maiwald