Short Tutorial: Backing up your wallet.dat - and resync the IoP Core Wallet

Short Tutorial: Backing up your wallet.dat - and resync the IoP Core Wallet

In the last days more and more people asked us about how to back up the Wallet (of the Core Client) and also how to do a resync if the Wallet got stucked (mostly caused by an reboot of your PC without properly closing the wallet before).

(This Tutorial is for Windows – the Client on MacOS uses the folder: ~/Library/Application Support/IoP/ – the Client on Linux uses the folder: ~/.iop)

How to backup the wallet.dat

So first i want to start with how to backup the wallet.dat – this is the file in which all your so called “private keys” are – this is where all your IoPs are stored – If you loose this file consider your coins as permanently lost. (Before someone shouts: Why do you create such a dangerous thing? – This is a cryptocurrency and this is the most normal thing in crypto! Everything else would be way too much centralised and you won’t be 100% the one an only owner of your money).

So before you delete anything of the IoP-Core Client or something similiar – allways make shure to backup this file.

The File is located in the IoP-folder inside the “Appdata”-folder, here’s how to find it:

And here you see your “wallet.dat” file.

Please COPY it to a safe place maybe twice or tripple or whatever you want- maybe you use a thumbdrive or something similar. But also please keep in mind if someone else has this file from you he will also have the full control over your IoPs (if you have set up a password he will also need the password to control your IoPs so maybe it’s a wise idea to encrypt your wallet before that step).

Now for the Resync of the Blockchain:

Nothing easier than this:

Just delete anything in the above folder, EXCEPT the “wallet.dat” and start the Core Client again, after a full sync your IoPs are still there but the blockchain is completely new synced.


(The german word “Löschen” – is translated as “delete” 😉 )

Have fun, and stay safe 😉 !

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