A freer, fairer world

IOP’s simple, low cost, and user-friendly infrastructure will enable universities, institutions, and enterprises to connect directly with their users. All of this is done without the cost, inconvenience, and security and regulatory liabilities associated with harvesting and storing unnecessary data.

Our technology provides a fast and trustless method of identity verification and sharing compartmentalized abstract information. This will allow universities and students to track and prove attendance, grades and degrees, as well as less tangible factors such as quality of education and student satisfaction using mutually provided verifiable claims. Future employers can easily verify grades and credentials without receiving more data than they really need.

The Athena Global Education Network

Through the Athena project, IOP’s platform can also be used for the management of access to online materials and the administration of online testing, while Morpheus and Mercury will allow researchers and teachers to collaborate securely on a global scale.

By giving everyone access and full control over their own digital identity, IOP is working to improve access and educational opportunities for millions of people who have so far been disenfranchised by the existing framework of centralised corporate and public sector gatekeepers.

Get Involved

IOP is already working with the Autonomous University of Nayarit (UAN) in Mexico to provide decentralised IDs for students, teachers, and other employees. We are also talking to other institutions across the world to help them to make their digital identity solutions more effective and secure.

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