Excoinge starts Remittance system with $IoP

Excoinge starts Remittance system with $IoP

(Full article was written by Max Goyheneche, Argentina Chapter President)

A lot is happening on Internet of People.

The core team works hard in the development of the Mercury protocol, in an app for voting chapter’s reports, in the new consensus and in a new whitepaper.

A lot is also happening in the chapters.

Just by reading the chapter reports every month in Discord, one can realize that IoP seems to move and grow in the shadows, without being noticed, waiting for the right moment to make the leap, letting every person who discovers Internet of People surprise pleasantly and firmly believe that our future is promising.

This is how the Colombia chapter has been working for some time. They developed excoinge, a platform for exchange of crypto coins for FIAT money and also eCommerce in which, obviously, IOP is listed.

Excoinge was presented at the “People First” conference that was organized by Internet of People and Libertaria on June 16 and 17 of this year in Berlin.

But as I mentioned above much is still happening in IoP, this is the case of excoinge.com that this week introduced its new remittance system in which IOP is used as part of the process.

A lot is happening on Internet of People.

Another chapter that is working very well in several projects is Brazil, organizing events for around 700 developers as it was the DevDay 2018 and …

I’ll leave the enthusiasm for the next occasion, after all, this is a blog. I will tell you little by little with my friend Juan Manuel Cancino, so follow us.

A lot is happening on Internet of People.


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