First Venezuela Digital Design Exhibition

First Venezuela Digital Design Exhibition

One of the characteristics of our Internet of People Community is Collaboration; As of this year, the chapters of Latin America have developed a strong collaboration strategy that is giving fabulous results.

Last March, the Chapters of Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, and Chile met in Bogotá Colombia to share the action plans in each country and explore opportunities for collaboration to enhance the effect and reach.

As a result of this meeting to date, several projects are being developed in a collaborative manner, others benefited from the feedback and have now been executed in an outstanding manner, such as the Digital Design Exhibition that just ended in Maracaibo Venezuela.

Juan Carlos Pagone, president of the Venezuelan Chapter and Francisco Villalobos presented this contest as one of the projects to publicize the talent of the digital artists of their country, which, besides identifying bright Venezuelans, allowed to create culture on the blockchain and our project to create a censorship-resistant network with full control of personal data by the user.

In the month of June the call was launched and a strong promotion activity began in various media, radio, television, and Internet in the main cities of Venezuela, looking for the largest number of participants for the event that would make its final phase of 11 to October 14 at the Ateneo Fine Arts Center of Maracaibo.

After arduous months of promotion in Television, radio and social networks the registration of 25 participants was achieved, with magnificent works, which can be seen in the following link:

On the final date of the contest, a series of events was held every Saturday for a month in which, in addition to showing the digital creations, there was talk about the projects that we are carrying out globally in our Community. These events had the support of the municipal authorities of Maracaibo.

As many of us know, Venezuela is a country that is plunged in a deep economic crisis that has expelled many of its inhabitants to other countries. In particular, the chapters of Colombia, Chile and Peru have Venezuelans in front of them; what has generated a very important project of remittances based on $ IOP of which we will speak in another post.

This crisis has affected the most vulnerable groups, children in the elderly; for which the United Nations Organization for Children (UNICEF) was working hard in that country; and as part of the orientation to the people of our community we made a donation to collaborate with the work they do for the benefit of the children.

The works that participated in this first Digital Design Exhibition were voted in two ways; by a local jury made up of the artists Gregorio Boscan, Regulo Pachano and Martín Sánchez (these last two former directors of the Lia Bermúdez Art Center) and by the members of the Community.

The results were the following: the choice of the jury was for Daniel Godoy for the work “Human Code”.

While the selection of the community was for Carlos Racedo for the work “Joining Ideas”.

The winners obtained their prizes in $ IOP`s deposited in their wallets.

Special mention and thanks to Ludwig Ruiz, also a member of the Venezuela Chapter of IOP who was in charge of the graphic design of the event.

The results were great for the community, the number of followers in social networks multiplied, more Venezuelans knew about our project and we collaborated with our grain of sand with those who have stayed in Venezuela and have confidence in a better future.

On the Internet of People, the important thing is people and we work with them to create a better world.