Internet of People in Antigua Creativity Festival #FDA2018

Internet of People in Antigua Creativity Festival #FDA2018

For the 14th time, the Central American Festival of Creativity (FDA) takes place in the wonderful city of Antigua Guatemala, an event that brings together the creative communication and marketing agencies for a couple of days, to share the samples of creative talent reflected in successful advertising campaigns that have marked trends in traditional and digital media.

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few months ago we received an email where the festival’s organizing committee invited our community to be represented at that event by Juan Cancino, to publicize the work we are doing to build in addition to a censorship-free internet with full protection of privacy of personal data, a community of education that helps through knowledge of blockchain of university students, to solve local problems.

It is the first time that the festival opens a space to a topic other than marketing, advertising and media, for the organizing committee there was great concern with what is happening in the blockchain world and they looked for a project that was compatible with the festival values; being the theme of this edition “Vos vs Vos” (You against You) with a focus on people chose Internet of People to be who will occupy this space.

So after a night of only two hours of sleep, a 4-hour trip by land to the nearest international airport in the city of Guadalajara, three hours of waiting and a 3-hour flight to Guatemala City, this new start adventure to share work and passion for a freer and more prosperous world; Of course, without this depending on a third party.

The agenda of the Antigua festival brought together a series of large exhibitors talking about marketing, photography, digital art, visualization, augmented reality and design; Nike and Google creatives Directors was in the agenda. It is important to mention that the presentations were spectacular, with all the creative support of the agencies to which the exhibitors belong and their many years of experience; I came to talk about a different type of creativity; How do we work to create a better world?

The second day I got on the stage to talk to the audience as my meeting with the blockchain took place; If I have not done it before, I share it here. I knew the blockchain as a technological proposal presented by two Mexican social innovators (Miguel Salazar and Juan Pablo Escobar) to solve the problems of poverty and social disintegration in the neighborhood of Miramar, one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico.

The evaluators of the projects that resulted from the workshop “How would you transform a marginalized neighborhood with technology” organized by authorities of the State of Jalisco and the Innovation Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) did not seem to understand the importance of the project, to be sincere me either. But I was left with a great concern of how this could be possible and I started my personal journey on this new holy grail called blockchain.

This search led me to know the Internet of People project, thanks to a good friend in Colombia who listened to the presentation of the project in Bogota and immediately from the conference room he shared the information; What I read made me fall in love with the project and that love moves me to share it in different parts of the world, but also to work so that the type of society we seek is built.

The antecedents of the presentation remain fixed, but in each presentation, there are new things to share with those who have the opportunity to speak to them about our community. We are a community that is still learning to work in a decentralized manner, but convinced of where we are going.

As I mentioned earlier, the Berlin meeting was the event with which we presented our technology on which we will build the network of nodes that support the decentralized applications developed with our Mercury protocol. The profile server, the location server and the Open Socialgraph give developers a powerful framework for the development of DApps that change the way social and commercial relationships occur.

Our nearly 40 chapters are permanently holding meetups to raise awareness of the technology to more and more people, particularly considering the development of a community of developers with a strong emphasis on linking and working with students at universities.

With the modifications to the system of chapters and the opening to create new chapters with the only condition that they create value to the Community, we are receiving new requests every month; besides observing that the collaboration between chapters is becoming a feature more present in IOP.

The chapter developers are collaborating with each other to develop the first decentralized applications; who are not developers are working to bring the Blockchain to different fields of life; a perfect example is what the chapter of Venezuela is doing with the contest of Digital Design Studio (of which I will write in more detail the following month).

The ANIMA University in Brazil and the Autonomous University of Nayarit have just started a joint effort to build blockchain contents for online teaching to Spanish and Portuguese speakers, as well as creating applications for monitoring and recording the academic history of the students.

The University of Nayarit created a University Center for the development of skills in Blockchain, and from it is collaborating to bring voting systems with blockchain to high school students, develop government procurement systems and incorporating the faculty of law to the technological profile.

Each month we can find in the reports of the chapters in Discord the sample that IOP is a project that remains active in  creating more and more value.

After the speech, there were several organizations interested in collaboration, among them the National Association of Coffee Producers of Guatemala, with whom we will establish a relationship very soon to see how the Internet of People can help solve their problems. Some attendees asked about how to open the chapter in Guatemala, we will see if they are organized to achieve it.

Those attending the Antigua festival, who saw in IOP a project different from many of those found in the blockchain global ecosystem, a project where technology is very important, but the most important is and always will be people; that is why we have since now the invitation to be in the main stage in the next edition.