IoP was present at Talent Land Guadalajara

IoP was present at Talent Land Guadalajara

During the week of April 2 to 6 of this year, Internet of People participated in the largest technology and entrepreneurship event in Mexico, Talent Land. More than 33,000 attendees were in this first edition that took place in the city of Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico.

For the first time the blockchain theme was present in a massive technology event in Mexico and it was very interesting for the attendees; since in addition to the blockchain scenario that was destined to talk about this technology, it was a topic that was present in each of the different scenarios and was much commented by many of the attendees. Thanks to this interest manifested by the blockchain, the following year there will be a section of Talent    Land dedicated exclusively to the crypto and blockchain world.

Internet Of People participated in different ways:

  1. Installation of a stand to explain to visitors about our proposal of a decentralized internet, free of censorship and with full protection of personal data.
  2. To give a talk about the background of the blockchain, decentralization, the current problem of the protection of personal data and the benefits that our technology contributes in this sense; as well as the most important projects of our Community.
  3. Participate in the presentation of the NGO Blockchain Mexico, an organization that seeks to create culture, teaching and development of this technology, where we will participate actively through the education node.
  4. Interviews with specialized media on the subject.
  5. Content creation in the social networks of the event.
  6. Two newsletters
  7. Giveaway of several wallets with IoP’s.

For the promotion in the event, a group of teenagers wore Iop’s t-shirts and collaborated with the delivery of brochures in the event.

The topic that most attracted the attention of our visitors and audience were the characteristics of our services of Profiles, Addressable Content Network, geographical location and the open socialgraph; that empower the users of our IoP network to have absolute control over their data, their privacy, and their virtual relationships.

Our participation in the event was a success, and now we are preparing to participate in the Bitconf Brazil; We are a community centered on people and we have more and more direct contact with them.

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