IOP Ventures

Our project consists of different assets / copyrights:

  • Every IOP Stack related protocol or product is licenced in GPL-3
  • Every IOP Stack related library is licenced in LGPL-3
  • The IOP Stack™, IOP Global™, and Internet of People™ are Trademarks of the IOP Ventures LLC.

These copyrights are protected and governed by the Company.

The IOP Ventures LLC is a legal company registered in Nevis, uses these names and pays a salary to streamline the IOP Stack development.

The IOP Ventures is governing the source code, similar to how the Linux Foundation governs and protects Linux source code. The IOP Project will remain a open-source and decentralized project.

The universities we cooperate with wanted a company as partner, which is why we choose this construct to make legal contracts in the "old" world.