We go beyond the moon. We aim for Mercury!


Meet our Head Developer of Mercury, István Zólyomi on Github.

What is Mercury?

Mercury is a distributed network built on a revolutionary person-to-person protocol and identity model aiming maximal privacy.

Our goal is to make the Internet ours again by true decentralized secure communication, social networking and enabling peer-to-peer business and apps with no middlemen, even on your phone.

Mercury is somewhat similar to a cellular mobile network, it provides features like SMS, calls, data connections, push notifications, etc, but

  • built as an overlay network on top of any  transport layer (currently Tcp but could use Tor, I2P, mesh, etc) your own “cell tower” can join or leave  the network any time
  • selecting a “provider” is the only trustful part  of the system
  • uses cryptographic keys instead of  phone numbers for p2p encrypted communication, cell/provider and applications use the same kind  of identity
  • user data and calls are encrypted, you cannot  be spied on or be cheated with contact identity
  • you’re free to keep your identity and contacts  moving to another provider or application
  • supports you having different unrelated identities  (family, professional, hobby, etc)  within the system
  • you can restore your identities from a “cold wallet” after lost/broken device
  • the network is extremely resilient, dies only with the last cell
  • built to support any decentralized/distributed application on top

Mercury will be the Nr. 1 choice for dApp-developers:


Existing User Data

All shared IoP user profiles are always available and are therefore usable within certain dApps and services, providing a ready-made user base. The need to build individual user bases in the traditional sense completely vanishes.

Existing Infrastructure

Data and infrastructure are decentralized on nodes and always available as long as users are sharing. No need for expensive AWS cloud servers to store user data on.


With IoP, user data is no longer a trade or company secret. Data is publicly available to everyone, provided a user wants to share it. Since this is the case, dApp developers can stop duplicating each other’s work and can focus on creating creative added-value services and beautiful interfaces and things which directly serve users’ needs. The more dApps and services there are, the more available users and profiles there will be. This promotes healthy competition and will help develop the market. Competitors share many common interests in this model, as expanding the reach of the IoP network and furthering its cause benefits everyone.

Existing SDKS

Start With Zero Users

Growing your user base is difficult and competitive.

High Financial Risk

Running a platform or service by yourself is expensive and risky.


Anyone creating an internet-based service needs basically the same things: backend services, data storage, etc. Having everyone around the world duplicate these efforts is massively redundant.

Watch István presenting the Mercury Protocol in June 2018.