Mercury for Users

We go beyond the moon. We aim for Mercury!

Our Mercury protocol bypasses all the unnecessary middlemen and returns control of your personal data to where it belongs: with you.

Using Mercury for dApps will be as simple as using Google Play or the Apple App Store, but with unprecedented levels of user privacy.

  • Reclaim your digital privacy by deciding exactly which data to share, with whom.
  • Your relationships form your “Open Social Graph” and can be used in any app, not bound to any app provider.
  • Your identity is a cryptographic key owned only by you.
  • You cannot be spied on and censorship is no longer possible thanks to direct peer-to-peer communication instead of using a central webserver.


Mercury is currently in the development test phase, with the first dApps being built soon.

To stay up to date, join our Telegram announcement channel to hear when the first dApps are available.


Iop is building the new decentralized Internet.




Your Data Is Yours

Users have full control of user data and profiles thanks to IoP profile servers. Profile servers make creating and sharing unlimited profiles for unlimited use cases child’s play.

Different Profiles

You wouldn’t want your business contacts to know your sexual preferences, and your dating partners probably aren’t interested in your business dealings. Thanks to the IoP profile server, you can create profiles for specific use cases like dating profiles, business profiles, hobby profiles and many more. The only person who can link these profiles is the user who creates them.

Monitor And Control Data Usage

IoP is open source and transparent by design, with all user data and user interaction data belonging solely to the users who are interacting.

All IoP dApps will be required to send all data and interactions via the Mercury protocol. Contacts, profile data, messages, pictures and other important user data will be stored on the node running your IOP profile server on. You will have full control over your data and will be able to see all interactions with that data, both in the dApp but on your profile Server.

Data On Your Own Node

With contacts, messages, and other data stored on you own node or profile server, you are not dependent on service availability.
IoP dApps are truly decentralized, since even dApp service providers have no control over how many installations of their dApp are running on user nodes. Even if they decide to turn off their service, the existing versions of the dApps will still be available and running based on the decentralized IoP node network.


Take Data With You

Switching service providers is simple, since all providers within the IoP network share the same data, protocol and user base. Since your data belongs to you, you can take it with you anywhere you wan


Governments Have No Access

Censorship will become a thing of the past thanks to IoP’s decentralized peer-to-peer node network. The Mercury protocol provides true peer-to-peer connections, which cannot be blocked or censored.


Data On Nodes

With IoP, no blockchain is required to store your data. Instead, it is stored where it belongs: on the user’s own profile server.


Sad Smiley

Old Internet

No Control Over Your Data

Companies have almost full control over your data, while you have almost none

Companies Determine Data

Companies do not put sensible limits on the data they require. Instead, they collect as much as possible.

Obscure Data Usage

Even the most tech savvy users cannot say how most companies use technology and where their data is kept. It’s completely obscure.

Data Stored On Foreign Servers

You are completely dependent on your service provider. They can censor or close the service, or massively increase the price, and there’s nothing you can do.

Locked Into Platform

You are locked into a platforms like Facebook, and your data is stuck there. You can switch platforms, but you can’t take your data with you.

Government Control

Governments can censor or shut down platforms, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Data On Blockchain

dApps based on blockchains store your data, transactions and interaction for all time in a distributed ‘database’.