Nayarit University September Update

Nayarit University September Update

The activities of the Internet of People,   Libertaria Project and the University of Nayarit are continuing, with more and more activities and involving new people who want to collaborate with this project, as well as other educational institutions interested in knowing and replicating this experience.

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To close the month of August the first seminar of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency was held in the University and without a doubt in the City of Tepic, where we had the visit of the following speakers:

José Rodrìguez, Vice President of customer service at Bitso, the largest crypto exchange  in Mexico and Latin America; Carlos Valderrama, a prestigious technology lawyer involved with the generation of the Fintech Law in Mexico; as well as the Founder of the Bytheway project, a strategic partner of our IOP community.

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On the other hand, there were three local speakers, Alberto Villarreal and Carlos López, high-impact entrepreneurs who have found a way to finance entrepreneurship in the digital economy, and who also collaborate with the University’s project; besides Juan Manuel Cancino, who spoke about the University Community project based on blockchain that is currently being developed.

The event was attended by the authorities of the University headed by its Rector, Mr. Ignacio Peña, teachers, students and people from civil society. The event was a success and a commitment was made to hold a second event in the short term.

Nayarit University September Update

The creation of the University Center for the Development of Skills in blockchain (CUDCB) reinforces the project in the University, as well as its presence in the local and national environment; where some governmental and educational institutions that wish to work on issues of transparency and traceability have approached for the development of joint projects for the benefit of society; traceability of public budget, transparency in the government purchases, as well as student voting system.

The coordination meetings are still held on a weekly basis, where actions and strategies are agreed upon for the development of the project, as well as its follow-up.

As a result of this first seminar, new people got in touch with the CUDCB to offer collaboration; marketing, legal, programming, economics, artist profiles, etc., so the most appropriate channels will be established to take advantage of this collaboration and start to build a community. wide for the benefit of the University.

On the other hand, a $IOP fund was established with the collaboration of IOP Global, Chapter Mexico , the IOP Education Division and the CUDCB with the purpose of rewarding the students who dedicate time to this project. With the collaboration of the faculty of economics, will be established the local micro economy where students would use the cryptocurrency to start its circulation as a payment method inside the University in this first stage.

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With the integration of students to the CUDCB will begin the developing of the first work team focused on the development of Dapps using the technology of IOP and Libertaria (Mercury ,Open Socialgraph, Titania); for which coordination will be sought with the IOP Brazil Chapter and with the Anime University (the second university working in partnership with IOP).

The road is very long, there is still much to be done, but steps are being taken to build a University Community based on Blockchain.