New MAJOR Wallet Update

New MAJOR Wallet Update

Here is a quick update from our core development team, the IoP client version was successfully upgraded to version 0.15.1 in accordance with the upgrade made to the Bitcoin core network. With this upgrade, the codebase has been significantly cleaned making it even more safer and practical to work with.

Segwit and lightning changes are definitely something that IoP will be implementing in the future so this upgrade certainly corresponds with staying upstream compatible.

The IoP client too received an upgrade, the latest 6.0.1 client version has improved efficiency to the ‚Äúunique work‚ÄĚ concept in the previous versions.

All new features summarized:

  • upgraded core and client version to 0.15.1
  • staying¬†upstream¬†compatible
  • ready for¬†segwit¬†and lightning network
  • cleaner and¬†safer¬†codebase
  • Latest wallet version 6.0.1¬†new and improved efficiency

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Alternate versions could be found here:


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