What is IOP?

IOP is a full technology stack based on blockchain and advanced cryptography, designed to give users complete control of their digital identity. Where other crypto projects focus on just one aspect of our shared online lives, IOP provides users with a complete modular solution to transact, communicate, create, and collaborate online with perfect privacy, security and freedom.

Who is IOP for?

Simply put: IOP is for everyone who wants to communicate, collaborate, and transact on their own terms.

In our modern connected world, everyone needs a digital identity, and that identity shouldn’t be controlled by companies or governments. IOP gives everyone access to a self-sovereign identity that can never be revoked, as well as new kinds of verifiable digital credentials and a new kind of social media based on connections, not platforms.

IOP provides truly private communication which can’t be disrupted or spied on. IOP’s people-focused approach to identity and verifiable claims opens up finance, ownership, and credentials services to billions of underserved and overlooked people across the globe, while improving efficiency, security, and privacy for everyone.


IOP technology is open source and available for anyone to use or develop for. Although IOP is dedicated to providing a complete solution to the problems of online identity and privacy, IOP is fully modular and there is no lock in: users and businesses are free to use and combine whichever parts of the stack they want.
Find out more about our design philosophy and the IOP stack in our white paper.

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