What is Prometheus?

Prometheus is a multi-purpose app designed to be users’ central hub in the world of IOP, providing them with an easy-to-use interface to access their key vault, credentials, claims, relations, and contacts.

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Development Progress

Prometheus Prototype v0.2.0

"On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog". But thanks to Prometheus, you can finally certify it with witness signatures. Ok, maybe even that you have graduated at some university or just got married.

This release contains the following newly added features and updates:

  • The UI has been redesigned, it's more fluid on large/medium screens.
  • Personas are well separated now, you can select which one you'd like to use in the menu. You can always see the currently used.
  • Claims can be signed by witnesses then signatures can be imported.
  • Both the UI and the backend code had minor bugfixes.

Note that the wallet format slightly changed since the previous demo, this new version likely will not be able to load it. To clear up the old wallet, you'll have to delete application config directories starting with prometheus. Use the provided shell script.

Prometheus Prototype v0.1.0

The Prometheus application provides a vault for your identity. You can create different personas attached to DIDs to represent the different roles in your life. This way you can share different information about your life with different people.

Current Features:

  • Create Identifiers with an associated icon and label.
  • Manage Label and Icon for a given ID
  • Create claims about your IDs
  • View Claims as a whole and per ID

We created three predefined claim-schemas to demonstrate the concept of machine-readable information. These claims represent a piece of information about one of your personas that has been witnessed by one of your peers, which is verified using a cryptographic signature. Please note that the concept of requesting a signature from a witness is not yet implemented.

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