Internet Of People

Decentralized Infrastructure for Apps and Payments.


IoP (Internet of People) is building an open social graph – a Peer-to-Peer infrastructure that enables direct access to people and direct device to device communication. The Internet of People is the service infrastructure that enables person-to-person relationships to be established for business transactions

Its distributed and decentralized blockchain-based system allows personal data to remain on the end-user device, while the server profiles and proximity will be responsible for establishing the necessary connections to link them. The IoP coin is a currency that is used for payments on the IoP.

This is IOP.

Digital Cooperative.

Worldwide organisation in over 36 countries with more than 100 active members, developing, coordinating and spreading the project.

Open social graph.

Full control and disposal of your data. Profit goes to you, not to middleman.

Groundbreaking P2P Technology.

Mercury is our revolutionary person-to-person communications protocol that provides true decentralized messaging, social networking and peer-to-peer business and apps with no middlemen.

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Questions? Find the answer to the most questions regarding IoP at our FAQ Page.