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Decentralized Infrastructure for Apps and Payments

What is the Internet of People?

The Internet of People (IoP) is a complete infrastructure for apps and payments that is not server based. Instead, it is completely decentralized and based on nodes. Those nodes could run on home computers or even smaller devices like a Raspberry Pi (fully) or smartphone (in part).

The IoP token is a currency that is used for payments on the IoP.

peer to peer

Ground-breaking P2P Technology

IoP combines the best of existing blockchain technology with our own independently developed protocols and server nodes. Every app running on the IoP Network uses our decentralized nodes, meaning the network can never go down.

full node

Easy Full-Nodes

An easy to setup full node for anyone. Everyone can host the backbone of the Internet of the future. An Internet for the people, by the people!

open source

Open Source and Open Minded

Are you a developer? IoP is open to anyone who wants to contribute or would like to use our network for their own app. Just contact us.

IoP Community

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Secure Platform

Our token is based on the latest Bitcoin core ( Every app running on the IoP network can communicate directly and securely between devices. So users retain full control of their data.



IoP is currently traded on the following exchanges:

IoP Wallets

Download our latest Wallets for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

A decentralized Internet

P2P Use Cases: Taxi & Dating

Own Your Data

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