Internet Of People

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How IOP works.

How does it work? In brief.

IoP consists of two main components:
The Mercury protocol (for dApps) and the IoP blockchain (for payments).


How does IoP´s Mercury protocol work?

IoP is a decentralized network of nodes. Almost anyone can set up and run a node. Right now, the easiest way is via a pre-configured Titania box from our partner Libertaria.

The Mercury protocol, running on those nodes, enables all participating nodes to communicate peer-to-peer with other nodes in the network and directly exchange any and all data supported by the Mercury protocol, including user profiles, messages, pictures and much more.

Part of what we’re building is called the open social graph. The open social graph will allow users of the IoP node network to share whatever profile and data they like with other users. The open social graph is completely censorship resistant due to the direct peer-to-peer connections between users.




How does the IoP Blockchain come into Play?

The IOP coin is the main medium of exchange within the IoP network. Among other things, it will be used to incentivize running nodes and services. The IOP coin is based on our own blockchain.

This is IOP.

Digital Cooperative.

A global organisation with 100+ members in almost 40 countries, all coordinating to develop and spread IoP’s values and technologies

Full Data Control.

Full control and disposal of your data. You decide what to share or not share.

Truly decentralized.

Software and data not stored on central web servers but on nodes.


Unlike today’s apps (Telegram, Facebook, etc.) IoP dApps cannot be controlled by any third party.

What’s happening at IOP?

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Any questions? Find answers to the most common questions about IoP on our FAQ Page.