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Internet of People (IOP) is building the IOP technology stack to foster decentralization while meeting the diverse needs of users, businesses, and institutions in the Web 3.0 world.

The IOP stack is entirely modular and comprises a wide range of protocols, standards, software, and development tools and services to meet many different use cases related to decentralized communicating, transacting, and living.

IOP’s protocols are all built with the latest cryptographic technologies and secured via the Hydra blockchain and its utility token, Hydra.

IOP is open source and follows international standards provided by organizations such as W3C to ensure maximum interoperability and to allow developers to easily create their own software powered by the IOP stack.

Introduction Individuals

Introduction Institutions

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Introduction Individuals
Introduction Institutions
Introduction Developers


"..they have access to some of the easiest scaling i´ve seen so far in crypto.."

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Academic Scaling Partners

The approach to scaling our user base is three-fold:

This way we can quickly reach millions of users that utilize our digital ID solutions.



wide-ranging solutions for digital identity.

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22 Feb: IOP Community Report 2020.02.18
Why IOP? Because GDPR is not enough: We are doing identity the right way. Currently, the future of your privacy is not in your hands - let's take it back from them. Our goal for 2020/21 is to become the de-facto open-source standard for free DIDs and personas on the blockchain.

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